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Luv 2 Dance is well known for the caliber of dancers that dance with us and the many shows we have put on through out the years. Thriller, Newsies, Tarzan, Back to the Box Office, Toy Story, Michael Jackson History, Peter Pan, Spellbound, Celebrating Disney, Alice In Wonderland, America, Dance Evolution and Treasure Island.  Our dancers have spent hours learning, growing and finallyshowing off all that they accomplish each year at recitals and competitions.  Hours upon hours of dancers dancing and teachers teaching, L2D has had an amazing journey so far.  With the best yet to come!

Happy 20th Anniversary Luv 2 Dance!

Beginning in the fall of 1996 in a small 3 studio, one bathroom and barely there office, Luv 2 Dance built a program, that some 21 years later, is known and respected in the dance world in and beyond our home state of Utah.  In 2003 Luv 2 Dance built a new modern training facility to accommodate the growth and needs of our incredible dancers.   This facility continues to be the premier dance training facility in Utah and attracts guest choreographers from all over the United States.

Not just brick and mortar, Luv 2 Dance is built upon foundational principals of technical training, personal character, team comradery and sportsmanship.  We are not a studio of teams and classes or individual dancers…we are a family.

Luv 2 Dance is well known for our high caliber of dancers, incredible teachers and choreographers as well as hails many awards of both national and state titles.  These awards include best and overall awards for performance, technique, choreography, costume, judges choice and top studio to name a few.  Close to our L2D hearts are the company shows we have performed through out the years including “School Life”, Michael Jackson History, America and Spellbound (to name a very few), all of which have won the accolades of judges and awards at competitions.

Not just a competition powerhouse, we train dancers varying from just beginning to those training for the professional level.  Luv 2 Dance offers a wide variety of dance styles and classes for all ages and ability of dancer.  From our trademark Pixie Dance program for the tiniest of dancers to performance classes and competition teams.  We have programs available for all levels that help our dancers meet their personal goals, whatever they may be.  With in our studio walls dancers spend hours learning, growing and finally…showing off all that they accomplish each year at recitals, competitions and showcases.  In addition, Luv 2 Dance is proud to give back to our community through our annual creAte Hope Charity Show, as we team up with other studios and give all the proceeds earned from that performance to those programs or individuals most in need.  L2D trains dancers in all capacities of life, including on how to give back through the talents they have to share.

L2D’s owner and director dedicates her time and talent to all her previous and current dancers, now totaling some 10,566 (and counting) dancers,  Kim has truly come to know and love each and every one over the years.  From her personal passion for dance, L2D has made every effort to bring to its studio exceptional teachers, world class choreographers and premier “In House” Workshops to educate our dancers in every possible way.

“I have been very blessed in my life to know such wonderful families through the dance world.  I have also been so lucky to bring Marci Hartvigsen, Shalice Larsen, Sue Bagley and Ashley Dayton on board as the competition directors and Celesta Stephensen as the performance director and Missy Shaw as the pixie director.  As well as the amazing Mr. Jay and Mrs. Victoria as the Ballet Directors.  The dance business can be very hard and take a lot of time away from your own personal family and ‘free time’.  It has been so helpful to bring on directors that love what they do, are talented at what they do and help elevate the stress of feeling too overloaded.  I also feel grateful for such an amazing staff that work with your dancers.  They love their jobs and will help your dancers develop great skills and confidence.”  -Kim

Additionally at Luv 2 Dance, we understand EVOLUTION and realize that to stay on top the studio has to evolve too.  This understanding is what drives us to keep L2D at the forefront of this evolving world of dance we’re constantly adding curriculum and improving the physical environment of the studio.  L2D has had an amazing journey so far, with the best yet to come! 

As we celebrate our 21st year, we continue to hold true to the motto that guided us all those years ago…

“It’s Just a Studio at First Glance, But it’s Built From Hearts That LUV 2 DANCE”.

Come join the journey with all of us at Luv 2 Dance!


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