Ballet Training

The L2D Ballet Program is dedicated to providing quality training in the art of ballet to all pre-professional and recreational students from ages 3-18.  The program is based primarily upon the Vaganova Russian Ballet method and progresses through a systematic ballet syllabus offering a variety of class levels that accommodate any student wishing to gain a quality education.  Classes are designed to guide and aide the individual student to aspire to and achieve his or her personal goal; from having a professional career ballet, to earning a degree in university, or for personal enrichment and artistic enhancement.  Ultimately all students can gain the invaluable qualities of discipline, dedication, and determination through the exploration and study of ballet.  As levels advance students are expected to tolerate longer classes, an increase in intensity of work, and progressively greater demands for exactitude. At the same time, students are encouraged to develop the imagination and artistic sensibilities that will enable them to ultimately become performing artists, choreographers or teachers, and to arrive at a better understanding and appreciation of ballet as an art form.  This programs training culminates in an end of the year examination report card and certificate. All levels are required to study two days per week with a commitment to good attendance.

Ballet Training Dancer Requirements

  • Black leotard: no shorts or skirts. No Underwear (BLACK ONLY Sports Bra if needed)
  • “Ballet pink” tights is the color (all the way over and under feet (convertible only) Absolutely NO HOLES!!
  • Canvas or leather split sole ballet shoe. No ½ shoes (older kids in canvas only) Shoe brands (Sansha/canvas) (Bloch or Capezio/leather)
  • Hair pulled back clean (no flighty hairs, no pony tails, securely back) braid, 2 buns etc.
  • No jewelry, gum, bathroom during class, talking out of turn, no hanging on bars.
  • No food in studio ever! You and your shoes only in the ballet studios (no bags etc.)
  • Address the teacher as Mrs. And Mr. /respect, ballet etiquette, ballet as an art/respect

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