Jazz Technique

A 1 hr/week class for beginning dancers.  This American born dance genre has evolved into a distinct style with its own technique and vocabulary. This class will focus on jazz technique, flexibility, and vocabulary.  Classes start with a warm up and stretching, then move to progressions of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps across the floor, and culminate with a dance combination.

Jazz Technique Dancer Requirements

  • Tan Grecian Sandal   (can be purchased/ordered through the studio. Performance Classes Only.
  • Dance Attire, such as Leotards, Tights, Hot Shorts, Tight Leggings, Fitted Tanks & Capris 
  • No baggy clothing 
  • Hair pulled back 
  • No Gum or Food 
  • Please put name on your child’s items 
  • NO STREET CLOTHES. NO JEANS. NO STREET SHOES. Dancer may be asked to sit out if not wearing dance attire!
  • Competition Dancers: All Black, Foot Undeez/Paws, DOX socks

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