8 - 15 hrs / wk

Estimated Tuition

$200 - $330 / month *


$75 - $150 *

Company Costumes

$100 / routine *

Company Dancer Requirements

  • Summer Intensive: Ballet/Jazz Technique training
  • In House Summer Workshop held in August – with outside professional guest teachers
  • Choreography held in August/September
  • Charity Show (January/February)
  • All Extra Practices and Dress Rehearsal (October-November) Please leave weekends open!!!
  • 2 local National Convention Competitions (Feb-May) Dates will be send out mid October
  • 2 Local Competitions (Feb-May) Dates will be sent out mid October.
  • In House Spring Workshop (March/April)
  • Hazen Pictures (with the purchase of a package).
  • Competition Showcase in May (One DVD per family will be pre-ordered.)

**Ballet Company: Invite Only 

 3 Hours per week additional ballet.

Attendance: Any missed training classes (Ballet, Jazz Tech) must be made up. 2 total routine absences per routine allowed (1 per term).

**High School Company (For those that are on Drill Team, Dance Co): Ballet and Jazz Technique. Competing 1 routine. 4 hours – Estimated tuition $127 per month

Choreography Fees: Start at approx. $75 per routine but can go as high as $150. This is dependent on the number of dancers in the routine and the choreographer that is hired. These fees include what the choreographer charges, teacher hours to learn the routine with the dancers, and if travel is involved with the choreographer.

Costumes: Starting at $100 each per routine. Hip hop shoes and other dance shoes/tights may be in addition to this cost.

Tuition Breakdown:  8-15 hrs/wk (3 days a week), Dependent on training level and # of routines. Estimated tuition $200-320/mo. plus open class fee of $10 per month (used to pay guest instructors that come in 1-2 times/month).

Conventions: Company this year will be attending 2 local National Conventions/competitions in addition to the In House Conventions, will offer Epic and numerous Master Classes held at the studio.

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