2 - 4.5 hrs / week

Estimated Tuition

$72 - $137 / month


$50 *

Team Costumes

$75 - $100 *

Team Dancer Requirements

  • Summer Intensive: Ballet/Jazz Technique training
  • In House Summer Workshop (August) – with outside professional guest teachers – **Tiny Team does not attend**
  • Choreography in August/September (some may be learned in class)
  • All Extra Practices and Dress Rehearsal (October, November)
  • 2-3 Competitions (March-May) Dates will be sent out mid October.
  • Competition Showcase in May (One DVD per family will be pre-ordered.)
  • Hazen Pictures (with purchase of minimal package).

Attendance: 1 Ballet and 1 Jazz Technique absence (per term) without makeup allowed. 3 Total routine absences per routine allowed.

Choreography Fees: Start at $50

Costumes: Approx. $75-100 each per routine. Dance shoes/tights may be an additional cost.

Tuition Breakdown: 2-4.5 hrs/wk. (1-2 days a wk.) Depending on the team age. Estimated tuition $72-137/mo.

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