Ballet Beginner - Advanced (4 to 17 years old)

Ballet is the foundation of any dance education.  It has been taught in ballet schools around the world.  It has been globally influential and has defined the foundational techniques used in many other dance genres.  With the skills it develops it raises the capability of any dancer.  Ballet requires years of training to learn and master, and much practice to retain proficiency.  Students gain the invaluable qualities of discipline, dedication, and determination through the exploration and study of ballet.  It trains the dancer in proper and safe body placement and refines movement.  By itself, ballet is a beautiful art form that demands superior technique and execution from the dancer.  Class is a work environment that evokes the dancer to strive for perfection.

Ballet Dancer Requirements

  • Black leotard: no shorts or skirts. No Underwear (BLACK ONLY Sports Bra if needed)
  • “Ballet pink” tights is the color (all the way over and under feet (convertible only) Absolutely NO HOLES!!
  • Canvas or leather split sole ballet shoe. No ½ shoes (older kids in canvas only) Shoe brands (Sansha/canvas) (Bloch or Capezio/leather)
  • Hair pulled back clean (no flighty hairs, no pony tails, securely back) braid, 2 buns etc.
  • No jewelry, gum, bathroom during class, talking out of turn, no hanging on bars.
  • No food in studio ever! You and your shoes only in the ballet studios (no bags etc.)
  • Address the teacher as Mrs. And Mr. /respect, ballet etiquette, ballet as an art/respect

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