Emerging in the 1970’s but gaining mainstream popularity in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s through the help of t.v. and film projects like Soul Train and more recently the Step Up films, L2D dancers love the Hip Hop style.  Mostly performed to hip hop music, Hip Hop dance comes in a variety of tempos ranging from lyrical to hard hitting with loads of attitude.  Different from other styles of dance, Hip Hop has a more “freestyle” feel and is often performed in groups known as “crews” who are often found engaging in free style competitions known as battles.  A genre of dance that is widely popular all over the world and it’s no different at L2D. 

This very popular dance style is sure to put a smile on your face!  Hip Hop is a full body, high energy experience which encourages individual expression and creativity.  Out Hip Hop classes have a combination of tricking, break dancing, popping, body isolations, combinations, and individual freestyle.

Hip-Hop Dancer Requirements

  • Athletic Shoes or anything with closed toes and supports foot and ankle.
  • Combat boots – NO BLACK SOLES ALLOWED
  • Baggy Clothing may be worn
  • Street Clothing, such as sweats, hoodies, baggy tanks, long & short tees
  • No Gum or Food
  • Please put name on your dancer’s items

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