Considered a style of dance and a form of music, Tap has a rhythm style that instantly makes people start to…well…tap their toes.  Whether on Broadway or mixed in with the lindy hop, Tap dancing certainly started long before it ever evolved into these and other styles of dance.  It’s roots are believed to have steamed out of the styles of clog dancing and Irish stepdancing to name a few.  On it’s way up the popularity ladder, Tap dancing moved to the stage in “Minstrel shows” and was made world famous by Bill “Bojangles”  Robinson after splitting with his partner and taking his new and hugely successful solo tap show touring around the world.  Originally intertwined with jazz, tap evolved on it’s own starting in the 1930’s.  Although tap has always remained in the dance world, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that tap dancing started it’s revival.  Tap has it’s own national holiday, celebrated on May 25th, which is also Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday.  And, thanks to the hugely successful movie “Happy Feet”, tap dancing is gaining popularity everywhere.

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