Did You Know!?

It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time…so we’d like to introduce you to a little post were calling “Did You Know!?”.  A little morsel of factoid you may not have known before about this beautiful world of dance we all “LUV” so much.  Let us begin…

Factoid #1

The “great” late legend of rap we all knew as Tupac Shakur was known for his lyrics and rhymes.  However, before he became a record breaking recording artist and record producer he was enrolled at the Baltimore School for the Arts where he trained in a variety of things like acting, jazz and…ballet.  Yes, we said ballet.  Not just a pass time, he actually performed as the Mouse King in The Nutcracker and a few Shakespeare plays as well.  Was it his ballet training that gave him a leg up in his beginning days as a backup dancer for Digital Underground?  Who knows really, all we’re saying is yet again this seems to prove positive that our ballet directors are right after all.  Ballet is both a dance form and a discipline that seems to be foundational for all genres of dance.


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