As the saying goes, “behind every great L2D dancer, there is an amazing MOM.”  Or something like that.  On this Mother’s Day, we’d like to give all our dance moms a little love and say “thank you” for all those rides to and from the studio, early morning and late nights, clapping and cheering, bobby pinning, hair doing, makeup applying, finding lost shoes or leggings, hard working, tuition paying, costume arranging, bag hauling, and supporting you all do.  All of which you do in your spare time as working (in or out of the house) mom’s.  We hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day and get an extra squeeze from your dancer.  Whether they realize it now or later, they will someday see that they never could have done any of it without you.  We luv our L2D MOMS!

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I'm a great many things, but for this I'm a writer and a dancer supporter. I hope you enjoy your reading here. Much Luv to you from me L2D.