Performance Jazz Beginner - Advanced (8 years and older)

A style of dance that has been around far longer then the legends of Bob Fosse or Michael Jackson (to name a few of a very long list).  Jazz was given the name largely since the style developed as the musical style of jazz gained popularity in beautiful New Orleans starting in the 1900’s.  As the music of jazz evolved, so did the style of dance as modern choreographers infused other genres of dance into this historic style including ballet, Latin American and Caribbean dance.  Original credit for introduction of this classic style of dance pre dates American History and was introduced as the African American culture was brought to the United States.   Since it’s introduction we’ve seen jazz evolve through time.  From the  Lindy Hop and Shag to the modern interpretations we see now, jazz always has been and will continue to always be a “genre staple” in the dance world.

A 1 hr/week class for beginning dancers.  This American born dance genre has evolved into a distinct style with its own technique and vocabulary. This class will focus on jazz technique, flexibility, and vocabulary.  Classes start with a warm up and stretching, then move to progressions of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps across the floor, and culminate with a dance combination.

Performance Jazz Dancer Requirements

  • TAN Danshuz (Half Sole Neoprene Dance Shoe. We recommend purchasing dance shoes at Mary’s Emporium in Kaysville.
  • Dance Attire, such as Leotards, Tights, Hot Shorts, Tight Leggings, Fitted Tanks & Capris 
  • No baggy clothing 
  • Hair pulled back 
  • No Gum or Food 
  • Please put name on your child’s items 
  • NO STREET CLOTHES. NO JEANS. NO STREET SHOES. Dancer may be asked to sit out if not wearing dance attire!

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