It’s hard to believe we’re already welcoming in a new year.  It’s an exciting time as we prepare for our busiest time of year…competition season!  

January is also a time for resolutions.  Whether it’s a mental note or written down and hung on a wall some place, self-analyzing and goal setting seems to be happening in abundance all around us.  As a departure from what we normally do, we thought it might be a good exercise for our dancers to see how far they’ve come in the previous year before making new goals for the upcoming year.  Take a look at last year’s list and see what you’ve been able to accomplish.  If you don’t have the list, sit down and breath in some positivity as you think about all the things you’ve improved on.  Ask your parents, the dancers on your team or in your training classes…hey…ask your teachers to help you figure out what you’ve improved on!  Then…give yourself some credit and take in the personal achievements and allow the positive vibes to flow!

Then…and only then…make a list of the things you want to challenge yourself to this year.  The best is yet to come Luv 2 Dance!  Let’s see what we can do!