About Us

EST. 1996

Luv 2 Dance Studio (L2D) was established in 1996 in Kaysville.  From the beginning, L2D has been known and respected in the dance world for its caliber of dancers and creativity, within and beyond our home state of Utah.  L2D continues to be the premier dance training facility in Utah and attracts guest choreographers from all over the United States.

Luv 2 Dance is well known for our incredible teachers and choreographers as well as hails many awards of both national and state titles.  These awards include best and overall awards for performance, technique, choreography, costume, judges choice and top studio to name a few. 

Luv 2 Dance is built upon foundational principals of technical training, character, team comradery and sportsmanship.  L2D strives to provide each dancer with a positive experience, team building opportunities, and personal development, within every program offered.