Muscular strength, flexibility and more injuries then those that play what some would classify as “traditional sports”, ARE DANCERS ATHLETES?  Not just our opinion (and with the help of Gatorade paying tribute to our sport of dance) the answer is unequivocally, YES!  The formula of an athlete is written all over our bodies in the form of mental and physical strength, passion, sacrifice and PRACTICE.  Working through personal weakness or injury our dancers work as a team to provide to those that watch them, a performance that evokes the senses.  It’s beautiful to watch what our Luv 2 Dance ATHLETES have mastered through dedication and self-mastery.  Lines and movement, pop and locks, kicks and leaps…tricks of every kind pepper our performances.  Like finding the perfect way to shot a 3 pointer, or the exact rotation of a fast ball, DANCERS perfect their ability to perform our sport.  Some may be just a few years into their dance training, and others have dedicated decades of time to the sport of dance, regardless of where you find yourself…be proud of the sport of dance!!