Luv 2 Dance has been helping dancers achieve their goals since 1996. Now 23 years (and counting) later, we can’t believe how many dancers have come and gone through our studios. No two dancers have been the same, but individually they have left their own marks on our floors and hearts.

We are so proud of the legacy we’ve created. Yes, we say legacy! We have teachers who were once students. Students who now bring their own kids. Even our owner carries on the legacy that was stirred in her from the studio that later became Luv 2 Dance under her stewardship. All these years and together, with all of you, we’ve built a family. Our L2D family!

There is a program here at L2D that fits the individual goals of anyone that comes. Are you wanting to have fun and make friends? Are you wanting to add dance to other passions you already have? Is there a specific style of dance you want to try or train in? Are you wanting to compete and push your ability? Are you wanting to prepare for drill, college teams or try your skills in professional realms? Luv 2 Dance has what you are looking for.

We wanted to Highlight 3 “levels” of training that may interest you and your dancer. Of course you can look for more specifics right here on our website or give us a call! We’d love to welcome you to the family!

Recital…beginning at age 3 you can come and be taught the fundamentals of dance with fun, creative classes that even at this young age start to build a strong dance foundation. Older dancers can learn at age appropriate levels that build on the technique and movement skills of jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap and more. We love our Christmas and end of year programs where all our recital dancers can show their supporters all they have learned over the year of training! This is a great option for young dancers or those wanting to check out what this world of dance is all about.

To learn more about our RECITAL program, click HERE.

Performance…the perfect option for those who are wanting to test the waters of competitive dance! As young as 5 years old, these dancers can continue in training and performing at Christmas and end of year recitals. PLUS, get the opportunity to compete during the year in at least one competition. Hip Hop only options available too for this favorite style! It’s “the best of both worlds” and allows some dancers to see if competition dance is something they want to pursue.

To learn more about our PERFORMANCE program, click HERE.

Competition…some dancers just catch the bug. It becomes a way they live and breath. It becomes their passion. For those looking to compete a little more, train for future opportunities in jr. high or high school or push their talents as far as they can professionally…there is an option for them in our competition program. While our competition program is by audition only, there is usually a fit for all those with the desire to compete. Even our youngest competitors love when the crowd goes quiet, the music starts and the lights go up.

To learn more about our COMPETITION program, click HERE.

We LUV our dancers and are so proud of all the accomplishments they make as they continue on their own paths, exploring their own passions. Come join us…we’d Luv to have you!