We headed on over to the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Neurobiology for some light reading and came across this fascinating article on dancing and it’s effects on the brain.  Written by Scott Edwards, the article entitled “Dancing and the Brain” went on to explain in more scientific terms what we dancers already know.  It’s awesome.  Not just because it’s beautiful to watch our dancers perfect movement and technique, it’s also mind blowingly (see what we did there) good for you.  In his article, Mr. Edwards says, “Scientists gave little thought to the neurological effects of dance until relatively recently, when researchers began to investigate the complex mental coordination that dance requires. In a 2008 article in Scientific American magazine, a Columbia University neuroscientist posited that synchronizing music and movement—dance, essentially—constitutes a “pleasure double play.” Music stimulates the brain’s reward centers, while dance activates its sensory and motor circuits.”

More then that, studies are proving that dance can help treat medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, lower the risk of dementia in the elderly and improve memory function overall.

Complex mental coordination…that’s what we are doing here at L2D.  Above being memorized by our dancers incredible talents, you should also be impressed by their “complex mental coordination”.  Thank you Mr. Edwards and thank you Harvard Medical School for confirming it.  Dance is both beautiful and amazing.


Article link: “Dancing and the Brain” written by Scott Edwards