Yep…one week down!  The hustle and bustle of car pool is in full swing.  Once again the doors of L2D are in constant commotion and the sight of dancers in pink tights and perfectly tame tresses running into class are a staple in the parking lot.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…wait, that line has already been taken.  The 2016-2017 dance season has begun!

By now, we are sure you’ve all seen the incredible changes that have gone on while most were gone.  (If you haven’t, park the car as you drop off your dancer and run in to see!)  Most visibly, the studio has had a make-over worthy of a home show on HGTV.  We hope that you all will enjoy the new modern and super chic look we’ve created while you’ve been away.  From the new flooring to a good coat of paint, we’d like to remind all our dancers that much time and energy (and funds) has been invested this past summer to keep the atmosphere at L2D as cutting edge as the training and choreography as well.  Please help us to take good care of our “home away from home”.  We’ve created great spaces for you to store all your gear and a fun place to get your grub on in our Cafe upstairs.

As we begin this new year we’d like each of our dancers to take a moment and set some goals for this up-coming season.  Whether to make new friends, improve flexibility or finally master a genre of dance…no goal too small or too large is unworthy of your aspirations.  Like all years, we are excited for our upcoming season.  Our 21st year at Luv 2 Dance aims to be our finest yet.  Not just a studio…no, we’ve never been that.  We are truly a studio built upon the hearts of our teachers and dancers who have a passion and love for this beautiful art of dance.  Good luck everyone…it’s going be an amazing year!