A new year always brings a feeling of a brand new start.  For Luv 2 Dance, there is no exception.  Take this blog for instance…it’s brand new!  We’ve been busy on the back end of this brand new, beautiful website and all the great changes we are sure your seeing within the studio.  When the great da Vinci, Michelangelo said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, he sure wasn’t kidding.  Our dancers are powerhouses, our studio still hailed across the beautiful Wasatch Front and our teachers still are the absolute best.  However, we are a studio that believes in evolution.  In our sport, for our art and yes…even our facility and website.  If you’ve stepped foot into the studio we are sure you’ve been impressed with all the aesthetic changes (so far!) and if you’ve taken the time to explore our new website we are positive you’re excited.  Our promise to you, is always to be leading the charge in every area.   So…as it looks like we are off and running, we’ll waste no time…here we go!