As all our favorite dance competitions start to air once again, we are reminded of all the incredible dance styles found around the globe.  Styles that at one time were hidden from view and only seen by those who traveled to the countries they originated from are now coming to light thanks to unprecedented traveling, youtube and tv alike.  It seems there isn’t a style unrepresented or, our new favorite phenomenon, fusion styles combined to create visual masterpieces we all can’t get enough of.  The world was once a big place with not enough time in a lifetime to see much of it at all, but those barriers seem to get smaller and smaller as culture, arts and all that we each have to offer from our perspective corners of the globe seem to sit at our fingertips.  It’s a big beautiful world…and it’s a big beautiful world of dance!

For dance fans everywhere, watching dance evolve on stages and filling television screens all around the world is a pretty exciting experience.  We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the evolution of DANCE as dance continues to make it’s mark world wide!  In honor of that we thought it would be fun to bring back our posts honoring dance styles around the world.  Next up…FLAMENCO!

Since 1774 Flamenco in one form or another has graced us with it’s folk inspired, hand clapping, finger snapping, foot stomping, beautiful picturesque moves.  Many varieties of this style exist today and have spread out from the boarders of Spain to declare a major presence in non-hispanic countries…the United States and Japan to name a few.  Did you know…there are more flamenco academies in Japan then there are in Spain?  Proof positive this style of dance has no boundaries.

Flamenco has always been a favorite when visiting Spain, but more traditional forms of this intense dance exist that preserve more of it’s historical notoriety outside of the tourist hot spots. If your lucky enough to see it live in a foreign country, catch a performance of it locally or watch it competed anywhere, we’re sure you’ll appreciate its technicality and beauty!  Like any style of dance, you can find it fused with just about any other style.  Contemporary, hip hop and more!  Regardless of it’s form or fusion, I think we can all agree it’s both timeless and beautiful.