Dance has long found a place in our world.  In every civilization that has spanned time and on every continent, in every country, dance has found a place in culture, tradition or religion.  What a beautiful tribute to this universal expression of art and culture.  Though it’s always fun to peak inside our walls of Luv 2 Dance, this time around we’d like to take you for a tour as we push past the walls of our studio in Kaysville Utah and certainly past the boarders of the Continental US, and take you all on a little adventure across the globe as we look at the “WORLD of Dance” in a whole new way!  First stop…and in honor of the release of Disney’s new-est movie, Moana…Polynesia!  (Ok, and we might be missing our girl Ali.)

From Tahiti to Hawaii, Tonga to Fiji, with stops to New Zealand and so many islands in between, Polynesian dancing has long since stood as one of the most beautiful forms of dance since the beginning of, well, forever.  Dances of the Pacific Islands transcend the beauty of movement and depict a culture of legend, tell a story of beautiful narrative and are deeply based in religious and cultural foundation.  From each Island in the Pacific we see the variations of movement that are uniquely there’s.  Whether it’s incredible hip action (which we are told is an action that originates more in the knees to create the perfect motion) of the Hawaiian or Fijian Islands, the Poi dance from Maori, the Fa’ataupati or Siva Afi of Samoa (can you pronounce those dances?) or the fluid hand movements that tell the story and accompany all these dances, Polynesian dance is…in just in one word…beautiful in every variety.

Tahitian dance at night by a Samoan Dancer in Maui

What an AMAZING world of dance we are a part of!