Every year the calendar gives us an entire month dedicated solely to L2D…or that’s what we think anyway. How we LUV February and taking a moment to think about all the things we Luv.

We LUV that we have bodies to move and condition to be the facilities we train them to be. To dance and to move in the ways we spend so much time working and perfecting.

We LUV that we have a place to call HOME at our studio in Kaysville. For floors to dance on, studios to work in and speakers to turn up that music so loud! For heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

We LUV the faces that populate the hallways and studios of L2D. The faces that belong to our dance family that we’ve known for so long and spend so much time with.

We LUV our secretaries, teachers, directors and owner. The memories we make, the times we laugh or cry. All the time spent learning at their feet.

We LUV our parents and all our supporters who believe in dreams, in goals and who cheer us on when the lights go down and the music goes up.

We LUV Christmas recitals, workshops and conventions, charity shows, competitions and showcases. In short, we LUV our Luv 2 Dance family and are so grateful for opportunity we have to be a part of something so amazing. Luv 2 Dance has been around for so long, allowing so many dancers to come through our studio doors and add to the legacy that we have been building for over 22 years. What we’ve come to realize is that because each of you, we have become more than a studio…we are a family full of members young and old(er) who Luv 2 Dance.

Happy Luv month all. We do… we LUV you!