There is a phrase, originally made famous by Napoleon Bonaparte, he said, “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.”  He said it about a country he believed would one day rise up and shape the world.  November is one of those months that seems a bit quiet.  Like the warm before the storm, the quiet before the party or  a simmer before the boil.  November feels like that…at least from the parking lot view of L2D.  Inside the studio, there is a whole lot of dancing and a whole lot of work going on.  It’s prepping time for our dancers before Christmas Performances, Charity Shows and competitions all start and it’s full steam ahead.  We’ve had an amazing last few months.  Guest choreographers, incredible new pieces coming together, extra practices, plus all the fundamentals of training for our dancers.  It’s been a perfect, beautiful whirlwind of dance for our west Kaysville studio.  And though it may seem quiet for now, we hope you all are marking your calendars and clearing your schedules for the moment when it all comes together and the talent of our L2D dancers are ready to hit the stage and shake the dance world.  Our Christmas show is the perfect way to kick off the Holiday season, the Charity Show and incredible night of giving back and competition season is just around the corner…and that…that is when we will make it rumble.

Happy November L2D.