It’s said that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.  If that’s true, then our L2D competition team is certainly very lucky.  The problem I’ve always had with this statement is that if you are prepared to meet your opportunities, then you really don’t need luck at all.  It’s in this vein that I say, this competition season our L2D dancers have no need for a “good luck” send off.  Through last summer, into fall and over winter our dancers have been preparing.  If any of you have roamed the halls, looked down from the observation windows or peaked into a class…you would have seen that preparation in full effect.  We couldn’t be more proud of the passion, skill and determination these ladies and gents have been giving us week after week.  Further proof comes as we reflect on last weeks Hollywood Vibe competition going down in the history books as one epic and amazing weekend!  With Relevé, our next competition at Weber State University in our sights, here it is…a moment when preparation and opportunity have their colliding moment.   So, competition dancers…to you we don’t say “good luck”, you certainly don’t need it.  Instead we say, “Have fun!”.  Let’s make sure the crowd and those judges know exactly when L2D takes the floor.