The tree is down and the rest of the decorations are once again back in storage.  Your homes are enjoying the fresh clean feel of the absence of clutter.  The new year is a great time for reflection over all those yesterdays of 2016 and for looking forward to all the tomorrows of 2017.  Whether it’s a health goal, a financial goal or personal achievement goal, tis’ the season for setting our sights and hopes high.  With competition season waiting in the wings and spring recitals in the distant horizon, our dancers are looking forward with a new determination to get those splits flat, master an aerial, to solidify technique or to improve performance.  So many goals these amazing dancers have swirling in their minds to achieve as they continue to train hard.  We’d love to encourage these resolutions for each of our L2D dancers and wanted to offer up a tip the New York Times said would help you find success in achieving them.

Their suggestion?   To “set one goal at a time”.   As dancers and athletes, we have the propensity to make a giant list of all the things we’d like to master.  The problem is, dancing is an art form and a skill set.  Just as we go to class each week and improve over time, so too should we expect our self mastery to come.  Take one thing you want to do better, let it keep your focus and when you’ve accomplished it…start a new task.  A few helps to achieve this “one at a time” approach is to be specific and keep track of your progress.  What a brilliant idea!  This way when, in a month you feel like you aren’t seeing progress, you’ll have the gift of perspective to see how far you’ve really come written and recorded right in front of you.

Of course you don’t have to be alone in your quest of self improvement.  Talk with your teachers and directors about the goals you have for yourself.  Ask them for their advice and any tips they may have for you to gain some insight.  Along with your teachers, you also have a great group of fellow dancers who share your same desire to get better and passion for this beautiful thing we call dance.  How thankful we are for the great people we have surrounding our Luv 2 Dance family.  Together I think we can achieve anything we individually or collectively set our sights on!  As a studio family, may we wish you all a very happy 2017.  It’s going to be a great year Luv 2 Dance…a great year!