The BBQ’s were amazing, the family time…totally worth it and hopefully you all got in more pool or lake time then you wanted.  It’s been a great summer “off” as we’ve still continued to work on improvements to the studio, in-house conventions, camp, choreography and so much more.

What an amazing opportunity it was to work along side some great choreographers at camp this year.  Some dancers logging in more then 15 hours of dance in just a couple of days to attend both camp and choreography.  Though many would be tired, our dancers were having a great time and enjoying every minute of it.  Some familiar faces and some new ones as well, these geniuses helped us learn and grow in this beautiful art we call dance.  Many of these creative minds stayed around to set routines for our upcoming competition season and though we aren’t giving any secrets away…suffice it to say that we are so excited for what looks to be our most amazing year yet!  Truly this is a year to watch!  It makes saying “good-bye” to the summer of 2016 a little easier.  A little.


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