Since 2005 we’ve all been in love with the hit show So You Think You Can Dance.  For years we’ve been inspired by the talents of contestants past and watched and voted with the rest of America.  We’ve been privy to so many of these amazing dancers as they’ve come to train and to impart of their dancing wisdom on our dancers here at Luv 2 Dance.  From the Hollywood stage to the studio walls of L2D in Kaysville, Utah, SYTYCD no doubt has featured some of the nations finest dancers and we’ve loved them all!

The 13th season has been something extra special for all of us, as we’ve watched together the beginnings of budding dancers from ages 8-13 show the world that amazing dancers don’t just come in the form of mature teenagers or young adults and beyond.  Yes, this season has held something a little extra special and inspiring for those of our dancers still in “training mode” at the ripe ages of 5 or 9 or 13 or…you get the idea.

Though some may be rooting for JT, and some for Tate.  Maybe some of you cried when Jake was eliminated or are still cheering on Kida…regardless of who your favorite is, we know for certain that this years contestants have been proof positive that incredible talent resides in us all, regardless of age, gender and so forth.  So as we keep cheering on these incredible young dancers, we hope that you will be inspired by your own opportunities and passions in this world of dance.  And…who knows…maybe we’ll see one of our very own L2D dancers on this stage someday!

Happy dancing!