L2D had the privlege to do two things we luv the most this past weekend…compete and dance for a cause!  What an incredible experience to participate in the Will Dance For Kids Project.

“WILL DANCE FOR KIDS PROJECT is designed to raise funds to fight childhood hunger through dance and dance competitions. When dancers compete they show the world the art, talents and skills they have learned. When they compete and make a difference in the lives of other kids; they learn something even more important, the art of giving. And when that happens, everyone wins!” (quote from the WDFKP about me website page)

Though L2D came away that night with awards and accolades, the biggest prize was won after the collective efforts of studio’s, dancer’s and supporters were tallied and WDFKP founder Penny Broussard awarded a $73,000.00 check to the Utah Food Bank.  In that moment our dancers were once again reminded that they can turn something they luv to do into something so much bigger then they thought possible.  From the efforts of all these beautiful dancers, so many children will have food to eat so they can go to school, learn and do the things they luv too.

Another amazing competition in the books of L2D…this one may just be one of our favorites.  Way to go L2D…you make us proud!