It’s been 25 years since Luv 2 Dance Studio opened our doors. Finding a home first “uptown” in downtown Kaysville and then expanding to our own private building nestled in west Kaysville. Studio walls that have become a second home to all those who flow in and out of those front doors. Dancers who spend hours over years of their lives within these spaces. Some of our dancers have come as three year old beginners and now find themselves some fifteen years later, dancing in their senior year of high school at a level they once only dreamed about. Lead by a legacy left to be built upon by incredible talent that has come and gone thought out the past 25 years. Our first students have become the parents of our current students and our L2D family now stretches over the generations of families. When you put it all into perspective, we can’t help but to stand in awe of all that we have created with one another.

Established in 1996 L2D has always been known and respected in the dance world for our caliber of dancers and creativity, within and beyond our home state of Utah.  L2D continues to be the premier dance training facility in Utah and attracts guest choreographers from all over the United States. We are well known for our incredible teachers and choreographers and hail many awards of both national and state titles.  However, beyond technical training and the accolades of the dance world, we are most proud that we prioritize building individual character, team camaraderie and sportsmanship in every program we offer.

Looking at the past we can’t help but feel grateful for the present and even more excited about our future! Congratulations to 25 years to ALL of our L2D family!