We’ve had lots of new procedures implemented this season. As the world seems to shift and change from old ways to new ways, we too have had so many people ask about how it’s all going. Honestly, It’s new, but it’s the same…actually…it’s better.

No matter what additions we’ve made, the most obvious being masks, it’s still the same. We are still Luv 2 Dance. We still get to be with one another. We still get to learn, dance and create with one another. Though at times it may look a little different, the difference is a matter of focus. In so many ways it’s actually better. Better because even though we always knew what we had, for a time, we didn’t have it and in that absence we were given the opportunity to understand it a little deeper. Perspective is everything. Mindset is everything!

So…this year, though it’s new….it’s still the same…but actually it’s better. And we are staying focused on what we do have! And, we have a lot!

We LUV being with you doing what we LUV. Happy dancing L2D!