Please park in the parking lot BEHIND the Studio.  This includes ALL DIRECTORS, INSTRUCTORS & OFFICE TEAM MEMBERS.  Those who are opening the studio will be given the door code for backdoor entry.


1. Arrive early for class and start ON TIME. 

2. Come prepared for each class session.  You are required to follow the set curriculum provided for you from Luv 2 Dance Studio.  Please NOTE: The curriculum provided to you from L2D is NOT allowed to be used at any other studio, or dance class that is not associated with Luv 2 Dance Studio.

3. NO answering phones, texting, or playing on phone during class time, with exception of playing music for class, taking role and clocking into your Staff Portal.

4. NO interruptions, including visitors and/or your own family members walking in and out of studio room during class time.  Please do not allow people to sit in the studio room to observe a class, including parents of dancers.

5. One drink break allowed per class.  Please keep the time for this at a minimum.  Keep your class going, with minimal transition time.

6. Be an example to your students.  No inappropriate language or music with explicit or inappropriate lyrics, language, or messages. Dress modestly in appropriate dance attire.  Make sure music being used in class is age-appropriate.

7. Build confidence in each dancer.  Provide constructive criticism, as well as, compliments on their efforts and/or improvements, abilities.  BE POSITIVE in your attitude and tone with each dancer, parents AND staff members.

8. As a representative of Luv 2 Dance Studio, please help us in creating a positive environment for every dancer and staff member.  It is important that each staff member support each other. If you do have any concerns, please DO NOT discuss this among other staff.  Bring any concerns to a Director and/or Studio Owner, or Operations Manager.

9. YOU MUST ARRANGE FOR YOUR OWN SUBS!  If you are not able to attend class, make sure you have it covered.  It is YOUR responsibility. You will need to prearrange a sub whenever possible, leaving directions and/or lesson plan.  Make sure to provide any music cuts that are required for any routine being worked on. Make sure to communicate any sub information to the appropriate Director.

10. TAKE ATTENDANCE FOR EACH CLASS WITHIN YOUR STAFF PORTAL.  Access the staff portal from our website,  The STAFF PORTAL ACCESS button is located on our “Staff Information” Page.  Enter your Login ID and Password.  If you do not have a Login ID assigned, please submit an online request form also located on the “Staff Information” Page. 

11. TIME CARD:  You must enter your time within your STAFF PORTAL ONLINE.  You are paid for the time you you work within your scheduled time.  You are NOT paid for time you are early or stay after your shift. If you have any questions on any time that may need to be paid, please email Kim. Make sure your hours are entered by the end of each shift.  If your time card is not completed by the last day of the month, your pay will be calculated based on the time you’ve entered. If you need to have your time adjusted or If you have a sub that is NOT a staff member at our studio, please email to submit sub hours for payment.  If you are subbing for another teacher, enter your hours within your Staff Portal as usual. 

  1. PAYDAY:  the 5th of the month following the month worked. Example, for all hours worked in September, you are paid on October 5th.  If the 5th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your check will be ready on the Monday following. Paychecks will be in the studio office by 5:00 p.m. on payday. Any payroll questions, please email

13.UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION.  Please make sure that we have your current phone number and address.  Please send any updates by going online, under the “Staff Portal” Tab and submit an updated request with your information.  


If you are having any behavioral issues with a dancer(s), please contact your specific Director(s).  They will be able to help you work through the issues and/or make a decision whether a dancer needs to be pulled from class.  Please make sure to communicate to the dancers parent(s) if there are any issues that seem to be escalating, causing major distraction for the remaining dancers in your class.  Please make sure to let your Director(s) know what is going on so they may support you.