With the stroke of the clock, here we are in a new decade, HELLO 2020!  A new year is a great opportunity to reflect, dream and make new goals as we look to fill a new year with new possibilities.  In the world of dance we are constantly making and achieving goals and then re-setting new ones.  It’s a cycle that to some could be discouraging, but a dancers artistry, movability and skill is never perfect.  For those who’ve made dance their personal passion project know, that the ever rising ceiling for a new level of ability and skill, isn’t a bad thing.  It’s the humble knowledge that you can always learn, always refine and always grow!  

So, as the rest of the world looks to set goals in various areas of life, we encourage our dancers to reflect on their lives and do the same. Take the time to reflect and to think about the goals you have this year in all areas of your life, specifically in dance.  Research shows that people who create goals for themselves are more successful!

As you set your personal goals we encourage you to write them down, visualize them, set deadlines that are measurable as you succeed, even breaking goals down into steps if they are big goals.  And of course, hold yourself accountable and BELIEVE in yourself.  We believe in all our L2D dancers and anything they put their minds to! You each are incredible! Individually and collectively as our Luv 2 Dance team! We need each of you!

So get ready all, set some goals and lets get to work! Here goes nothing 2020!