I had in a conversation the other day in which the individual I was talking with asked what extra curricular activities my child was engaged in. Though involved in a great many things, without hesitation I answered dance…since, let’s be honest, it’s what occupies most of her time. The individual’s response was simple, and yet was filled with loaded dialog unspoken. “Oh, a dancer…I know the type.” It begged the question back…”what type is that?” My question wasn’t antagonistic in nature, I was just genuinely curious as to this persons thoughts. The response I was given has had my wheels turning ever since.

I’ve taken it in…given it thought and searched the hallways of my mind as I’ve come to a conclusion. I’ve decided that those who don’t understand the world of a dancer, could make the broad assumptions of what it means to be, in fact, a dancer. However, beyond discipline, strength, training and self mastery that is demanded of both mind and body, I don’t think in general it is understood that these dancers are accomplished humans beyond the ballet bar or off the floor.

These aren’t just talented dancers and beautiful faces (if we do say so ourselves). These dancers are trained individuals in many varieties. They are artists, linguists, writers, choreographers, teachers, excelling students, creatives, hard workers and more. To boot…they are exceptional people.

Our L2D family consists of individuals that dance and train with one another for hours, days, weeks and months…sometimes years on end. Some of our dancers, both male and female, have been with us for years. We watch them learn. We watch them grow. We watch talent manifest itself through years of self discipline. We know them.

The dancer “type” is an individual who is highly disciplined. They are committed to growth. They learn to dig deep and find a way to achieve personal goals. They are team mates and learn to be a part of a bigger picture. They are responsible and know how to overcome obstacles. These lessons (and more) are carried into everything else in their lives. The saying of “How you do ANYTHING, is how you’ll do EVERYTHING” has never been truer than when applied to a dancer. Lessons learned reach far beyond the title of “dancer” for each of them.

We are so proud of all our dancers at L2D. Our dance family is something truly special and we LUV each and every single one of you. Many of you we’ve watched grow up and have watched soar after you graduate high school. We consider it a privilege that we have been part of your lives and know that some of the lessons you learn within our studio walls, allow you to be successful in so many other areas of your life and beyond your child and teenage years.

We LUV seeing dancers who “took dance” with us become some of our most cherished teachers later. We LUV running into you around town or across the country and hearing all about the amazing things your are accomplishing in your lives. We know that some of your greatest memories are our greatest memories together at Luv 2 Dance! And…while some may not understand our world…we know that if they peered inside it, they would see much more than they ever could imagine!

Keep dancing Luv 2 Dance!