We came upon this article from Utah Stories written in 2013 a few weeks ago and wanted to echo it’s praises to Utah’s presence in the national dance world community.  Some people are surprised to hear that Utah has a dance presence that parallels the likes of L.A. or New York.  It seems that when you think of dance on a professional level, the mind goes directly to Hollywood or Broadway, not the state of Utah.  Understandable, however, since the introduction of hit show’s like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars it seems people are starting to raise the eyebrows of respect toward our little known dancing state.

“When it comes to dance competitions, Utah dancers are not just well represented. They stomp. They dominate. They box-step out the competition. Fourteen dancers from Utah have appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, and in 2007  Sabra Johnson from Roy was voted the winner.”

(Quote from Utah Stories, Think You Can Dance?  Utah Knows How to Dance,  by

Since this article was written in 2013 many more amazing dancers from Utah have represented on stages from televised dance competitions, movies and more.  Brilliance demonstrated beyond the stage in the form of award winning choreography, guest teaching at dance camps or conventions.  At Luv 2 Dance, we LUV when we get to open our studio doors to incredible choreographers who are making their mark on the dance industry and consider it a privilege to learn at their feet…literally.

We couldn’t agree more with SYTYCD’s head judge, Nigel Lythgoe’s comment when he “praised Utah for turning out ‘brilliant dancers’.” Whether your being enlightened by this fact, or have known it for awhile, Utah has, is and will continue to make it’s mark in the industry that we LUV!  Dance truly is an incredible form of athleticism and artistry and we are proud to be a part of it!

(For another fun article that supports Utah’s ability to train incredible dance talent…read this article from Dance Spirit Magazine from March of 2017!  It’s a good one too!)