Another amazing experience for our dancers at, what is quickly becoming a competition/convention favorite, hosted by Hollywood Vibe.  Solos started on Thursday and headed into Friday, with duo’s and trio’s making way for our group performances ending on Saturday.  The competition was intense and the amazing talent that showed up to compete was on another level.  It was fun to share the stage with other incredible studios.  Though some may say the experience was enough, it didn’t make us feel too bad bringing home to our L2D family in Kaysville, Utah several awards and accolades from the judges including national qualifying performances and a host of individual scholarships awarded to so many of our dancers.  It was…in a word…INCREDIBLE!  For a list of the full results click here!

Though the competition was, as we said, incredible…the convention side of this past weekend was even more rewarding for our dancers.  Being taught by the talents of Kevin Maher, Karen Chuang, Caitlin Kinney, Kent Boyde, Liz Imperio, Brooke Lipton, Ryan Lohoff, David Moore and Alexa Anderson is an experience and privilege all it’s own.  What a truly amazing weekend we had heading to Hollywood and back!  Can’t wait to see you all next year at this great competition!