Once a year, around the time of our creAte Hope Charity show, studio 1 of L2D fills up on Friday nights with a group of people extra special to our hearts. For the weeks spent preparing, each Friday is an opportunity for our dancers to come and share the luv with this amazing group of kids.

These kids are incredible humans who like us, luv 2 dance! For varying circumstances, they don’t regularly get to experience dance. However, each year they come…week after week…and they DANCE! The smiles on their faces are only matched by the smiles on our L2D dancers who come to help teach and play and hang out on a Friday night with them.

How much we LUV these kids of the UPC and their families! As they prepare each week for the big finale dance at our creAte Hope Charity Show, we get to know them, see them and truly luv them! This is an incredible experience for everyone.

A big thank you to these kids and their parents. A huge shout out to the UPC for such an amazing opportunity we have to help you serve in a way that brings us such joy. And…finally…a massive applause to Sue Bagley for spending her time and talents for this great cause and to the dancers who come to practice with these amazing kids and ready them for time on stage.

The charity show will be held Saturday, February 23rd at Bountiful High School at 12:00 noon.  Mark your calendars…this is a show that you won’t want to miss!

ALL proceeds from the show will benefit the Utah Parent Center and these amazing kids!