We say it almost constantly…we luv our dancers and their families! What we don’t mention enough is the people who allow us all the opportunity to be a part of something as special as Luv 2 Dance. It’s an incredible studio. Those that know…know.

This year we wanted to give a gratitude shout out to those that work tirelessly behind the scenes (or at the front) of our studios. Our L2D staff is filled with beautiful men and women who LUV your kids! They invest in their lives, help them to achieve their goals, cheer them on and push them to their limits at times. We are grateful for our Owner, Kim and all those who keep Luv 2 Dance running. Directors, teachers, creatives that choreograph, secretaries that keep us organized and more. We are grateful for hours spent in our dancers behalf in the quest of building this studio! It takes a village they say, and ours happens to be pretty amazing!

On this day of gratitude and every other day of the year, we wanted to say THANK YOU and make sure you knew we couldn’t do it with out each of you.

Happy Thanksgiving L2D!

(*pictured is just a FEW of the amazing individuals we are talking about)